Lisa Muhler Registered Psychologist Ltd.







Individual Counselling


I use an eclectic approach as a therapist and introduce various modalities for the most helpful, therapeutic outcomes in therapy.  I believe in the importance  of a therapeutic relationship and help my clients become emotionally and spiritually connected and present.  I use Solution Focused techniques, art therapy, body awareness, breathing, mindfulness and grounding to help clients develop coping resources.


In time, clients develop the self confidence they need to start exploring the life issues that have been intimidating and difficult to face.  I work with my clients to help them develop therapeutic goals, improve their current living situations, develop inner resources, skill building, self esteem and boundaries.



Marriage & Family Counselling


I work with couples who are entering a recovery process and have been impacted by addictive disorders.  This can range from drugs and alcohol, sex addiction, gambling and a range of mental health problems.  Many couples struggle as they grow individually and as a couple.  I focus on communication and understanding and helping each person in the relationship feel heard and understood.


I use tasks outlined in the work of Dr. Patrick Carnes when working with families and I am also influenced by John and Julie Gottman's work.  I also use co-dependency models of family treatment.  Each relationship is unique and so a tailored approach is developed with each couple or family that I work with.

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